Luca Iovino. Born in 1983. Lives and works in Turin, Italy. I always had a particular interest in space and its tight relationship with human being. It often surprise me how forward cityscapes tell the man, as the man transforms the landscape surrounding it and how the same landscape dramatically radicalized the man, to the point of an ineluctably intersection What remains of this contact remains latent in the folds of the city, are small traces, footprints that we leave and are destined to remain invisible until we can’t give its proper attention.


Awards. December 2016 - best photographer during the collective exhibitions “IlMostro #05”, Rome. July 2015 – special mention for the project “Noi Che Siamo Carne”, Skopje.


Exhibitions. June 2017 - “Noi che siamo Carne” personal exhibition at PAN Museum, Naples. May 2017 - “HERE 2017” collective exhibition at Cavallerizza Reale led by Cavallerizza Irreale, Turin. December 2016 - “Il Mostro #05”, collective exhibition led by Luciano Corvaglia at Tevere Art Gallery, Rome. July 2016 - “Paratissima Lisboa”, collective exhibition at Ylda Associations and organized by Ebano Collective, Lisbon. June 2016 - “North Crossing”, collective exhibition led by Francesco radino at SP3 Gallery, Treviso. November 2015 – “Paratissima11 tra ordine e caos”, guest at International Pavillion during the collective exhibitions at Ylda Associations, Turin. July 2015 - “Paratissima Skopje”, collective exhibition at Ylda Associations, Skopje. July 2013 - “Colibrì”, With Francesco Secchi at Temporary CAfè, Milan. May 2012 - “Ti racconto un’impresa”, Collective exhibition at Assolombarda Business Associations, Milan. December 2011 - “InVISIBLE”, Collective exhibition at Lidea Associations, Milan. 2007/2009 - “La Smorfia”, collective exhibition at ArkFotoLab of Federico II University, Architecture Department, Naples.