Giuseppe Ruffo (1984) is an independent curator, creative co-director and co-founder with Pietro Tatafiore e Mariano Ipri of SABU Cultural Association, Largo Baracche Project, 1 Opera, Arte Magazine based in Naples, Italy, creative director and co-founder of WOP Without paper gallery based in New York City and director of GR Contemporary Art.

The main commitment of  SABU is to create a cultural program with the scope of civil renewal based on in- depth knowledge and awareness of the territory. The main idea was to raise the level of living in the area by promoting initiatives that go beyond the single project or exhibition. Although perceived as extremely unusual ideas, sometimes even by the city government, they decided to obtain the actual physical space where the program of the association can be executed so Largo Barracche was born (2006). 

Largo Baracche is a World War II bunker in Spanish Quarters (Quartieri Spagnoli), part of Naples famous for the high crime. Ruffo, Tatafiore e Ipri turned it into an exhibition and performance space and since the transformation of the bunker, they organized and co-curated about seventy exhibitions and performances in situ. 

The art space changed the image of the entire neighborhood. Largo Baracche today does not only represent the rotten and dangerous part of the city of Naples, but it also stands for a strong art initiative that with every event involves local community while presenting local and international, emerging as well as established artists. Ruffo, Ipri and Tatafiore a creative director of Largo Baracche Project since the beginning, works closely with the artists who venture to the dangerous part of the city of Naples due to the strong personal and professional relationship and deep trust that Ruffo, Tatafiore e Ipri built over time. Artists that over the years became part of Largo Baracche project are Maria Giovanna Ambrosone, Alessandro Baravari, Krzysztof M, Bednarsky, Blue & Joy, Salvino Campos, Jeayong Choi, Arturo Ianniello, Anna Konik, Jannis Kounellis, Daniela Politelli, Nino Longobardi, Virginia Ryan.

In 2010, Giuseppe Ruffo, Pietro Tatafiore e Mariano Ipri established also a small exhibition space 1 Opera, large enough to fit one work of art at the time. They were inspired by the Parisian gallery Piece Unique and had the idea to show a different artist each month with only one work visible from the street to the potential connoisseurs but also to accidental passersby. Arte Magazine is an editorial project organized in a single folding sheet of paper that hosts monthly art interventions tout court, without continuity between the news and in-depth analysis of historical, critical, archeological and contemporary events in the city as well as the international ones. 

In June of 2014 Ruffo studied “Art and Finance” at Sotheby’s Institute of Art. He gave a lecture at the prestigious Institute SVA School of Visual Art of New York.

In 2015, Giuseppe Ruffo founded WOP, the organization promotes contemporary arts based in New York City. WOP is acronym for "without papers", a pejorative slur used in the past to describe Italian population who arrived in United States in search of fortune, without having any resident permit. In our days the situation has completely changed, however the roots of Italian culture have replenished in to American culture.

In 2016 he founded GR Contemporary Art, a platform that offers the service of organization and curator of exhibitions, research and promotion of artists.        

The goal is advise on acquiring art by emerging artists and supports the international cooperation projects with cultural exchanges, trying to protect and promote local and international cultural entities.


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